Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy (MSc)

Universität: Central European University Private University


  • Abschluss: Master of Science
  • ECTS: 60
  • Kriterien:

    Entry Requirements for the Master’s Programs

    In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements applicants to either of the two Master’s programs must write a statement (maximum 350 words) addressing:

    1. the origins of their interest in environmental issues;
    2. how they hope to benefit from the program;
    3. their future career plans; and
    4. their relevant special interests.

    Previous work or practical experience in the field of environmental sciences is highly desirable but students from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply, provided they show a commitment to environmental issues.Students holding a first degree from a variety of other fields (from natural and earth scie

  • Semester: 2
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Standort: A-1100 Vienna, Campus Quellenstraße 51-55
  • Typ: Masterstudium
  • Beschreibung auf der Universitäts-Website


The program provides students with a combination of scientific, technological, legal and policy training,preparing them for careers in a wide range of environmental fields. The aim is to give students an understanding of all aspects of the environment, of how to develop sound and sustainable policies, and of matters related to solving environmental problems.

Sample Courses for the Master’s Programs

Methods of Environmental Inquiry; Sustainable Energy Solutions; Waste Management; Modeling and Geographic Information Systems; Environmental Impact Assessment; Life Cycle Assessment; Environmental Policy and Politics; EU Environmental Law; Air Pollution and Climate Change; Agriculture and Forestry;Biodiversity and Conservation; Water Resources; Environmental Economics; Corporate Environmental Management; Ecosystems Management; Environmental Philosophy; Academic Writing

nces to economics or law) are also encouraged to apply.