Master of Laws in International Business Law (LLM)

Universität: Central European University Private University


Abschluss: LLM
ECTS: 60

In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements, applicants to the IBL LLM Program must also fulfill the Program-specific admission requirements.

Semester: 2
Sprache: en
Standort: A-1100 Vienna, Campus Quellenstraße 51-55
Typ: Masterstudium

The focus of the LL.M. in International Business Law program is on the legal setting of business transactions in a transnational environment, on the players, and on the regulatory framework of international business. To address increasingly interdisciplinary and cross-border legal challenges, the curriculum of the Program rests on several building blocks, such as dispute resolution (e.g., international commercial arbitration, conflict of laws), international business law (e.g., GATT & WTO, EU law or drafting and negotiating contracts in the transnational context), regulation of business (e.g., capital market and securities regulation, antitrust/competition and consumer protection law) and comparative business law (e.g., comparative national company, bankruptcy and secured transaction laws). Additionally, the program constantly strives to offer courses that deal with contemporary global, regional and local challenges. Most courses are based on interactive teaching methods and are of a comparative nature, typically juxtaposing the laws of leading common law and civil law legal systems with those of emerging markets.

The Program is highly attractive to applicants holding a law degree, who wish to continue an international career not only in legal practice (law firms, in-house counsels) but also in academia, the governmental sector and increasingly various areas of finance (e.g., financial regulatory agencies, investment companies, banks). The alumni of the IBL Program can now be found not just in offices of leading international and local law firms, as in-house counsels of international corporations, but as well in the positions of university teachers, governmental officials, experts of regulatory bodies or even in the non-profit sector.

The LLM in International Business Law program is organized around five aims:

  • To be multi-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary; to educate lawyers who will be capable of understanding law, as well as legal and socio-economic problems from multi-jurisdictional and inter- disciplinary perspectives;
  • To be sensitive to the specific needs and perspectives of emerging legal systems of frontier markets and, in parallel, to become a unique center for the study of the comparative and international business law;
  • To be reflexive and flexible by closely following and reacting without delay to changes in the market, be they social, regulatory, legal, or professional;
  • To maintain a balance between theoretical and practical components, from the introduction of skills-based courses to careful attention to this balance within the contents of courses; and
  • To follow global trends in legal education, aligned with the above aims and goals, as well as the overall mission of the Program, the Department and CEU PU. In particular, to attribute increased attention and room to the role played by regulations and policy-linked subjects and the increasing impact and perils of technology with respect to the law.