Master of Arts in Philosophy (MA) 2 years

Universität: Central European University Private University


Abschluss: Master of Arts
ECTS: 120

Entry Requirements for the Master’s Programs
Candidates will normally be expected to have some background in philosophy. In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements, applicants will also be required to submit a statement of purpose (1-2 single-spaced pages) as well as a sample of academic writing—part of a course essay or a chapter of a thesis—in English, to further assess their language abilities and argumentation skills. See the general CEU admission requirements.

Additional department-specific requiriments:

  • A statement of purpose (1-2 single spaced pages). The statement should indicate the applicant’s main interests in philosophy, the topics they would particularly like to study while pursuing a degree at CEU, and their general purpose in acquiring a philosophy degree
  • A 1500-2000 words long sample of academic writing. This can be (part of) a course essay, or a chapter of a thesis that the applicant produced while studying for their first degree, and it should be in English. Applicants who do not have a recent sample of academic writing may submit an essay (on a philosophical topic) which is similarly suitable for assessing their language abilities and argumentation skills.
Semester: 4
Sprache: en
Standort: A-1100 Vienna, Campus Quellenstraße 51-55
Typ: Masterstudium

Our MA programs aim to enable students to proceed to doctoral training in any leading department around the world. Our graduates will also be very well qualified, as far as the subject is concerned, to teach philosophy in the final years of secondary school. In addition, a holder of one of our philosophy MA degrees will have the kind of training in thinking analytically and systematically which is of great value in all responsible administrative and managerial positions.

Regularly offered mandatory courses include courses in Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, and Continental Philosophy.

In addition, we offer mandatory courses that help students in developing their skills in writing, argumentation and research. These are the Academic Writing Seminar, the Departmental Colloquium and the MA Thesis Seminar. The MA thesis supervision process is in addition to the MA Thesis Seminar and based on an intensive one-to-one faculty-student interaction and spread out over almost the complete final MA program year.

Regularly offered elective courses include courses in the Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, Empiricism, Rationalism, Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Science, Social Philosophy, and Political Philosophy. Other courses will follow the faculty’s research interests.

For details on the respective program structure, see the MA regulations.

Sample Courses for the Master’s Programs

Compulsory courses
Epistemology; Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics; Ethics; Ancient Philosophy; Early Modern Philosophy;Kant and After

Elective courses
Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Religion; Aristotle; Aesthetics