Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science PhD

Universität: Central European University Private University


Abschluss: PhD
ECTS: 240

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The Doctoral School encourages you to select carefully the track where you apply. Please familiarize yourself with the profile of each track within the doctoral program to find the one that suits your research proposal the best. We encourage you to submit your application to no more than two different tracks.

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Semester: 8
Sprache: en
Standort: A-1100 Vienna, Campus Quellenstraße 51-55
Typ: PhD: PhD

The Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations covers several academic sub-fields, but runs one single PhD program, the Doctoral Program in Political Science. The structure of the Doctoral Program in Political Science is based on a system of ‘tracks’ (areas of specialization, or ‘majors’). The tracks represent academic fields / sub-fields or research areas that reflect the major strengths and interests of our faculty.


After being admitted to the Doctoral Program, every student becomes the member of one certain track of his or her choice. Each track has its specific course requirement and research topics that distinguishes it from the others.