Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences and Policy

Universität: Central European University Private University


Abschluss: PhD
ECTS: 240

Applicants for the Doctoral Program are required to possess a Master’s degree or an equivalent degree in an environment-related field, such as natural or social sciences, engineering, economics, law or management. They must also meet the relevant language proficiency and CEU admissions requirements. The Department’s admission criteria include intellectual excellence and the potential for making original contributions to knowledge in the field through rigorous research. Further information and advice about entry into the PhD program is available here.

Please note that, in addition to standard CEU admissions requirements, the department requires applicants to submit

  • a (max 2,000 word) research proposal
  • as well as a statement of purpose (max 500 words). In your statement of purpose, it is advisable to name the potential supervisor.

This is an important part of the selection process since we use it to form a judgment both about the applicant’s ability to conduct PhD-level research and about his/her fit with the department’s research profile; applicants are therefore encouraged to pay particular attention to this element of their application package.

Semester: 8
Sprache: de
Standort: A-1100 Vienna, Campus Quellenstraße 51-55
Typ: PhD: PhD

The Environmental Sciences and Policy Doctoral Program* provides a unique opportunity to pursue fundamental and applied research to address some of the most urgent environmental challenges in the world. Our graduates emerge from the program with a broad understanding of diverse approaches to environmental problems, extensive practical research experience, professional networks and analytical and practical thinking skills with a commitment and capacity to addressing environmental challenges.

The Environmental Sciences and Policy Department is a center of excellence in environment-related scholarship and teaching in Europe, our program is a unique opportunity to:

  • Pursue meaningful research that addresses some of the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today.
  • Earn a Ph.D. in 3 + years (min. 3 years; maximum 6 years).
  • Receive full scholarship support for up to 36 months of study.
  • Join a truly global network and become a member of the CEU international community.
  • Live in an exciting European city and make new life-long friends.

We welcome ALL applications demonstrating strong academic standing and qualified English language skills that fit within the department’s research profile, including:

We are looking forward to your application; and the opportunity to welcome you to our program.