Working Groups

The private universities are involved in various working groups (WGs) to push current challenges and developments in the sector across the universities. The following working groups are currently in place and others are being planned:

Data Protection

The working group of the ÖPUK promotes a competent and uniform appearance of the Austrian private universities in data protection matters, in particular vis-à-vis the Austrian data protection authority and AQ Austria. Contents include coordination between the private universities regarding the application of uniform standards in the interpretation of data protection issues, but also cooperation to contribute to the improvement of data protection framework conditions. Contents that are currently being worked on:

  • Necessary steps for the implementation and enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and current (European and Austrian) data protection jurisprudence at private universities
  • Exchange of experience on procedural requirements in dealing with data subjects’ rights under the GDPR
  • Development of various documents, such as a data protection guideline – this is intended to provide students at private universities with assistance in dealing with data that is processed for theses. The contents presented in this guideline are to be understood as an orientation aid and are provided without guarantee (prepared in May 2021). In autumn 2021, an overview on the topic of retention periods was also prepared.

Quality Management

The expert committee of ÖPUK serves the networking as well as the exchange of experience between the private universities on all questions of quality assurance. A special focus of its work is international market observation and comparative analysis on the subject and the implementation of innovative QM tools in the management processes of the domestic private universities. In addition, there is a regular exchange on current developments in university quality management and on experiences and best practice examples at the various private universities.

Austrian Librarians

The committee focuses on the development of joint synergies for the procurement process and possible cooperation with publishers, as well as further development in the area of digitisation. The establishment of uniform and innovative recording systems for research documentation and plagiarism checks at private universities are further topics of the working group, as is the promotion of cooperation and knowledge exchange between librarians working at private universities.

Marketing and Communication

The working group consists of the press and communication officers of all private universities. Within the framework of regular meetings, overarching PR concepts and events are planned and topics relevant to the press are discussed and implemented in order to inform the public about the private university sector.

Higher Education Plan

The WG Higher Education Plan prepared the content of the ÖPUK statement on the “Strategic Positioning for Future Directions in Austrian Higher Education Policy” of November 2020, and is currently reviewing which points should be further discussed and demanded in the discussion on an all-Austrian higher education plan. The WG Higher Education Plan is concerned with a clear division of tasks between the types of institutions in the tertiary sector and the sharpening of profiles. The characteristics of the university and/or higher education institution, new since the transformation of the PUG into a PrivHG, the requirements for a change of the respective institution type within the overall structure are the focus of interest.

Continuing Education





Equal Treatment

Research Management