To improve the situation of private universities (domestically) the ÖPUK proposes the following 10 measures:

  1. The improvement of the conditions for private universities concerning the recruiting of students from third countries.
  2. Fair competition and the same quality assurance procedures for all providers of training courses on the completion of which an academic degree is conferred and which are offered against payment.
  3. More decision-making powers in important higher education committees.
  4. Autonomy is an important factor for the development of private universities and a precondition for innovation in the higher education sector. Therefore, the autonomy of private universities is a valuable asset and must be advanced.
  5. Ministerial support for the concerns of private universities towards representatives for educational policy in the European Union.
  6. Equal treatment of students across all higher education sectors.
  7. Removal of the financial disadvantages of private university students who, in contrast to students of public higher education institutions and universities, do not receive public subsidies for their studies.
  8. Removal of the fiscal and institutional inequalities for private universities and enforcement of equal treatment of private and public universities with regard to the access to public contracts and funding, for example, access to the funding project ‘hochschuleundfamilie’ (higher education and family) of the Family Ministry which currently does not consider private universities as eligible for funding.
  9. No mixing of private and federal funding for higher education institutions. The planned introduction of privately funded universities of applied sciences should be implemented analogous to the Private Universities Act.
  10. Private universities are important partners for industry, research and the cultural sector. The ÖPUK calls for recognition of these contributions in the form of equality for their graduates with regard to professions with special access criteria.