Clinical Orthodontist (Msc)

Universität: Danube Private University


Abschluss: Master of Science Clinical Orthodontist (MSc)
ECTS: 180

The requirement for admission to the postgraduate university course in the “full-time programme” is an internationally recognized academic degree in dental medicine and the right to exercise the profession of dental practitioner. After obtaining their medical licensure, the applicant is required to have worked as a physician or dentist for at least one year before they can be admitted to the course of study.
In addition, the following is required for admission to the Master of Science Clinical Orthodontist (MSc) “full-time programme”:
– Excellent knowledge and skills (written and spoken) of the language of the country where the programme is to be arranged (language certificate).
The applicant must also submit a complete curriculum vitae, as well as state and provide evidence of advanced training and continuing education in the field of orthodontics with the application.
Study places in the “full-time programme” can only be given to applicants who are accepted at the DPU Clinic. In accordance with Section 60 (1) of the Austrian Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz – UG 2002), the admission of students is the responsibility of the DPU Rectorate.

Semester: 6
Sprache: de
Standort: Krems an der Donau
Typ: Masterstudium

The three years Master of Science Programme covers 8 study modules in six semesters for as well as obligatory clinical training at the DPU-clinic.
At present, orthodontics has become a highly sophisticated health care service that can provide excellent treatment of malocclusion and facial deformity, based on the premise that this treatment is given by well educated, skilled and experienced specialists. Therefore, adequately qualified manpower is the key to providing the best possible service to the population.