Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist (MSc)

Universität: Danube Private University


Abschluss: Master of Science Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist (MSc)
ECTS: 180

The requirement for admission to the postgraduate university course in the “full-time programme” is an internationally recognized academic degree in dental medicine and the right to exercise the profession of dental practitioner. After obtaining their medical licensure, the applicant is required to have worked as a physician or dentist for at least one year before they can be admitted to the course of study.

In addition, the applicant must submit a complete curriculum vitae, as well as state and provide evidence of advanced training and continuing education in the fields of oral surgery and implantology with the application.

Study places in the “full-time programme” can only be given to applicants who are accepted at the DPU Clinic.
In accordance with Section 60 (1) of the Austrian Universities Act (Universitätsgesetz – UG 2002), the admission of students is the responsibility of the DPU Rectorate.

Semester: 6
Sprache: de
Standort: Krems an der Donau
Typ: Masterstudium

The fields of implantology and oral surgery are important elements of dental and oral medicine, and they support and complement each other unequivocally in their understanding. Implantology, with its surgical challenges, is one of the major growth areas in dentistry and no other field has developed as strongly, from a diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific perspective, in recent years. The full-time Master of Science Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist (M.Sc.) consists of the 11 modules of the Master of Science Oral Surgery/Implantology university programme, with the addition of a detailed catalogue of therapies and treatments to be performed as a professional assistant in clinical practice at the Danube Private University’s Dental Clinic. In addition to their studies and exams within the framework of the MSc university programme, the postgraduate students are also employed in a university “trainee programme” as academic assistants as part of the full-time Masters programme. The programme fulfils all of the European Union’s conditions are required by EU Directive XV/E/8385/9/95-EN and the European Federation of Oral Surgery Societies (E.F.O.S.S.).