Private universities are active in various working groups with the aim of tackling the current challenges and developments in the sector comprehensively across universities. Currently, there are the following working groups (more are in planning):

Working group on data protection
The aim of this working group of the ÖPUK is to promote a professional and consistent presence of the Austrian private universities in all matters concerning data protection, especially in contact with the Austrian Data Protection Authority or AQ Austria. This working group is concerned with topics such as coordination between private universities regarding the application of consistent standards for the interpretation of issues pertaining to data protection as well as cooperation to contribute to the improvement of data protection policies. Current topics of the working group:

  • The required steps to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as current (European and Austrian) legislation concerning data protection at private universities.
  • Exchange of experiences about procedural requirements when dealing with the rights of affected persons according to the GDPR.

Working group on quality management
The objective of the this ÖPUK expert panel is to form networks and exchange experiences across private universities on all matters concerning quality assurance. Their work focuses on international market observation and comparative analysis as well as the implementation of innovative QM tools in management processes of Austrian private universities. To that end, the working group is engaged in regular exchange with stakeholders about current developments in higher education quality management and about experiences and examples for best practices at various private universities.

Working group of Austrian librarians
The main focus of this working group is to seek synergies in the acquisition process, to find opportunities for cooperation with publishers as well as to further development in the field of digitisation. Other activities of this working group include establishing consistent and innovative systems for recording research documentation and for performing plagiarism assessments at private universities as well as promoting cooperation and exchange of knowledge between librarians working at private universities.

Working group on marketing and communication
This working group consists of all press and communication officers of all private universities. During regular meetings, the members of this working group work on comprehensive PR concepts and events and discuss and put into practice press-relevant topics to inform the public about the private university sector.